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Why McAfee?

When it comes to choosing a company to entrust your internet security needs to, it makes sense to ask why you would choose one over another. McAfee is the choice of millions, but why is this the case and why should you choose it to help you stay safe online?

When you are looking for internet security products you will come across a range of well known names. One of them is McAfee. So it stands to reason you will eventually ask, “Why McAfee? Why should I trust this software to protect me and my computer?” The answers are many and varied, but they all have you in mind.

  • Easy to install and update
  • No need to worry about being exposed to new threats
  • Regular scans for malware
  • Constant and consistent protection from McAfee
  • McAfee Total Protection doesn’t slow you down
  • Easy navigation with no irritating pop-ups 
  • Alerts and warnings

McAfee Active Protection automatically scans, updates and defends your computer, making sure that software is clean and that you are fully protected even when your computer is idle.

They also offer a wide range of products for internet security purposes. This means you can look forward to total security no matter when and where you go online. In short, it’s the best all round option you have to look at.

McAfee Popular Products